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About Ojus Ayurveda Hospital & Research Center

Ojus Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre is a hospital with a difference. The hospital is committed in taking guidance of all the advanced diagonistic methods of morden health technology and the ayurveda principles with effective natural treatment procedures of ayurveda. This hospital is fully equiped with mordern equipments, morden ayurveda surgery, Physiotherapy, Yoga and Meditation, wooden sauna and organic canteen etc. In this hospital you have many different options to assure the complete health. Ojus offers a unique way to get back to the nature through our Panchakarma Therapy Packages, which are specially designed to suit your unique constitution. We offer one to one attention and our expert Ayurvedic physicians recommend the most suitable personalized therapies.

Team of Doctors
Ojus Ayurveda Hospital is under the expert supervision of 10 Ayurveda doctors including 2 ladies doctor. We are offering free consultation and enquiry to every guest. Our team of doctor are specially trained in all the treatment aspects of Ayurveda principle for treating National and international guests.

Team of therapists
We have a team of 8 therapists who have been undergone special training programmed for administrating treatment and therapy to the guests. Most of the therapists are the diploma in Ayurveda, plus special panchakarma therapy trained.

Treatment Rooms
Standard treatment are very necessary for conducting the successive treatment to the patient. Thinking this we have maintained the hygienic deluxe rooms available for doing the therapy. Room is well ventilated, light facility, attached bathrooms, with music system attached for melodios music during therapies.

Ayurvedic diet
Diet is the major factors of Ayurvedic treatments. As the main cause of any disease are diets, lifestyle related. So during the treatments we provide the special Ayurvedic menu, crafted by the doctor according to the disease condition. The menu are research based, Satwic, non veg, plain non, oily, Ayurvedic dishes based on tridosha properties.

Medicine Manufacturing unit
Genuine medicine are very much important for performing treatments. We are always serious on the issue for providing best medicine to our guest. We had inside medicine preparing unit for the undergoing treatments. For the indoor patient we provide freshly prepared oral medicine and massage oil. Under the supervision of team of doctors we prepare, research and develop medicine in operation.

Ayurvedic Courses
we have the special Ayurvedic course and training to our guest interested to learn. We offer training course on demands and time schedule. There are also special certified course for practitioner, therapist and Ayurveda workers. Course like Ayurveda Therapy, Ayurveda principle, Panchakarma course, Massage training etc are available. We also provide lecture on Ayurveda from different experts from Ayurveda hospital and universities.