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Medico Nepal


Telemedicine is the use of communication technologies to deliver health care services over a distance. Telemedicine can be used to provide services at remote or hostile locations which tends to be associated with direct patient clinical services.Telemedicine helps to bridge the distance  Gap in poor and rural areas, which increases the availability of specialists which are often in demand. In some cases, telemedicine may provide access to doctors in extremely isolated areas where there are no physical healthcare institutions. 
Telemedicine allows provider shortages to be dealt with in everything from normal day to day operations to disaster situations. Tourist health care program is carrying out  telemedicine service to every corner of the country where there is lacking the availability of quality and expert medical team. 
The telemedicine services include:

1. Live video conferencing:
Our clients would be connected to the health personnel and have an enquiry about any type of medical distress round the clock. We have a set of video conferencing tools ,which we can connect to the telemedicine centres and use the services.

2. Store and forward mechanism:
Some portal will be provided to our client where could send messages or attachment for consultation as well as for second opinion with an expert. Their queries will be deals with the help of details  provided by them.