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Medico Nepal

Paperless Record

Imagine how accurately your doctor would evaluate your progress and plan individualised treatment  if he/she could access your records from the beginning of your treatment. Your surgical history could be significant, your stressors could be significant and so could be the drugs you are taking. Your doctor could just look at your record, check if the treatment progress is in par with his plan, or any modification is needed. Or check if any interactions are possible, with any new plan, or if any allergies are to be considered. 
Old paper records are so outdated and not always available in all your opd visits and NEVER in EMERGENCY visits. 
Updated patient profile is always a must for every chronic case evaluation, and helpful in every visit. Having it accessible on every internet connected device is a hassle free way of carrying it. 
We have the state of art, military grade 256bit encrypted data storage facility for safe handling of our records, for your complete privacy and peace of mind.