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Medico Nepal

Medical Squad

We have a strong team of paramedics and trained medical personnel for pre - hospital TRIAGE in events of casualty. Our professionals are experienced in handling and intervening in any adverse situations to bring in the best possible outcome. 
Early recognition of signs and symptoms after casualty, timely evaluation of the patients, care during transport saves critical time of the health care providers in the hospital. Such response has been proven to save life and limb in conditions like burns, myocardial infraction ( heart attack) , cervical injury ( neck bone fractures) , spinal injury ( back bones fracture) , pelvic fractures in RTA (accidental pelvis fractures), stroke ( non- traumatic brain injuries).  In events like these, our team will rescue, evaluate and transport the patient to speciality tertiary care centre with good support, Pre-hospital management and medication. 

Nepal has almost non existent casualty service. Menial services provided today, by untrained ambulance staff is only concerned with lifting and transporting the  patient to hospital and nothing more. No on site care and support is provided.  We promise to fill in that gap with our trained and dedicated team with on site evaluation, TRIAGE and continuous dedicated support during transport to the speciality hospital, so that rehabilitation of the patient is easier and faster after the hospital care.