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Medico Nepal

Ambulance and Medical Transport

We have a fleet of well equipped ambulances designed for ACLS and BLS support with trained staff and medical officers.

We have partnered with institutions and care providers, to periodically train our team in ambulance support and pre- hospital care. 

All our ambulances are equipped team with critical support equipments like oxygen supply, i.v fluids, i.v sets, AED (automatic external defibrillator), pulse oximeter, nebuliser.  We understand that immobilisation of a patient during transport is key to decrease morbidity, and hence have ensured the best  stretchers and  immobilisers are used.

 A well trained team can manage the patient before they reach hospital and shorten the hassle in hospital emergency department. We are proud of our response - team  to perform a successful rescue even in adverse situations. 

We also provide escorting service by a doctor to higher centre on need basis so that patient is continuously monitored. 


Non ambulance vehicles : 

The service of non ambulance vehicles is specifically tailored to the needs of traveling companions of the patient who need our rescue support. These vehicles are reliable, comfortable and economical. You can choose among these options according to your preferences: 


Private car