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Guidelines For Health Care Professionals

1. Stop bringing laptops and hand bags to the Hospitals.

2. Don’t carry wallets, money or hand watches to the hospital. Just a credit card, some notes or digital     money should be enough

3. Clean your spectacles, car/bikes key, mobiles or any  other things you are carried to the hospital with antibacterial solution or arriving at hospital and right  when you reach home.

4. Change into hospital scrubs/unifrom first thing when you arrive and back into home clothes just before      leaving.

5. Wear a mask when in hospital and discard used ones correctly.

6. Don’t use gadgets in duty rooms in hospital.

7. When your reach home., better to leave mobile phone case in your car or in a separate bag.

8. On reaching home, ask someone to open the door for you and move straight to take shower. Best to wash     your clothes immediately or put for wash seperately.

9. Those with elders or children at home, better to stay from their room for few days

10. Wash your hands regularly and keep sanitising.